ANTWON - FEEL IT ALL AROUND (hood remix) (by tippdoggin)

in my mind i redefined the laws of blacking out. puddle soaked bed with lindsey lohan in my fuckin mouth. devoured a hoagie before i bounced. bouat shoes hit the street i looks like simon cowell… thas funny i jus say another one like when you get high theirs no other taste like bubble gum.

(good ass gum break)

im judas to those who praise blindly. only nigga at the club high sippin thai tea. you dancin by yourself i got bitches all beside me. theirs demons in their thoughts so all they say is get inside me. i feel their passion so i speak back in tongues of serpent. i live above you so i speak to you in third person. antwon killin it antwon for certain. im the grand wizard and you the flock thas worshippin. 

my skin hurts so fucking much all the time and i don’t want to be seen by other people. surely this is divine punishment for narcissism & self-centeredness and i want to jump off a bridge